Collectors Edition - 2020 Get it Away Mask

  • Collectors Edition - 2020 Get it Away Mask

Shipping April 2021
Imported from Europe for US sales
High Quality 2 layer mask
Comfortable fit
Certified and tested in Europe
No SSD Band Logo on this original Get it Away mask

Shipping April 2021
Official xclaim and SSD gear

– Material 100% polyester
– Double Layered

Technical info :
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (Class 2)
COVID-19 approved by Centexbel
Approved by Centexbel
Performance label for Community Masks
DIN and ISO 9237 measured with 100 Pa on 20 cm2 : +/- 166 l/m2 s (Norm : > 100 l/m2 s)

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